So you want to grow your business with corporate gifts, but you:

  • Are unsure about proper gifting etiquette.
  • Don’t know which gifts will make the best impression.
  • Received a gift from another business and don’t know what is expected from you

A lot of these situations require tact and savviness to avoid a breach in professionalism.

These are just some of the tips and general rules for professional gifting.

Let’s jump in.

Understand Company Policies:

Before sending any gifts, familiarize yourself with the recipient company’s policies on gift-giving. Some organizations have strict guidelines regarding the value of gifts that employees can accept.

Consider Cultural Differences:

Be aware of the cultural norms and practices of the recipient. Some cultures have specific traditions and taboos regarding gift-giving. Ensure your gift aligns with cultural sensitivities.


Whenever possible, personalize the gift. Consider the recipient’s preferences, interests, or any information you may have about them. A thoughtful, personalized gift is more likely to be appreciated.

Appropriate Timing:

Choose an appropriate time to give the gift. Consider events such as holidays, birthdays, work anniversaries, or the successful completion of a project. Avoid sending gifts during sensitive periods or before important negotiations.


Keep gifts professional and business-appropriate. Avoid overly personal or intimate items. Consider items such as branded merchandise, quality office supplies, or items related to the recipient’s professional interests.

Value Matters:

Be mindful of the value of the gift. Extremely lavish gifts may be perceived as an attempt to influence or bribe. Aim for thoughtful and meaningful gifts without going overboard.

Include a Personalized Note:

Always include a personalized note expressing your gratitude or best wishes. This adds a personal touch to the gift and shows sincerity.

Group Gifts:

In some cases, sending a group gift to an office rather than individual gifts may be more appropriate. This ensures inclusivity and avoids any perception of favoritism.

Follow Up:

– After sending a gift, follow up with a thank-you email or call to express your appreciation and ensure that the gift was received and well-received.

Remember that the goal of corporate gifting is to strengthen professional relationships and show appreciation. Thoughtfulness and consideration for the recipient’s preferences should guide your choices. Always prioritize professionalism and adhere to ethical standards in corporate gift-giving. We at Cubiqprint are here to guide your Brand to make the right impression.

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